About SFA

Our purpose is to create a unified franchisee organization that brings together the resources, talents, creativity and knowledge of all Carl’s Jr. operators in order to allow us to maximize the value for our businesses and to promote stability and security for all franchisees within the Carl’s Jr. system.

Current membership includes over 75 companies representing over 1,200 franchise restaurants in the Western United States.

Our Mission


Communicating in a recognized and unified voice from the franchisees to the franchisor.


Working with the franchisor for the common good of the system.


Protecting and enhancing the economic investments of the franchisees.


Serving as a resource for the franchise community.

Our Goals


Establishing a representative board of directors that represent all franchisees both geographically and in number of units.


Developing legal opinions on system-wide franchisee issues.


Formalizing lines of communication among franchisees.


Working with the franchisor in the roll-out of new equipment, programs and products.


Developing purchasing efficiencies.


Creating and maintaining relationships with our Vendors and other Associates

2019-2020 Board Members

Amir Siddiqi  – President
OC Burger Boys

Jennifer Dowling – Vice President
Dowling Enterprises

Jay Hafemeister – Treasurer
JH Foods, LTD

David Farnum – Secretary
Murphy’s Star

Sam Wong
Womar, Inc.

Bryce Olson
BTO Investments

Dan Gjurgevich
StedFast Foods

Warren Forsythe


Ops Committee

Chair: David Farnum, Ron Coolbaugh (CKE)

Members: Beve Mills, Gary Zurmuhle

Marketing Committee

Chair: Amir Siddiqi, Chad Crawford (CKE), Ned Lyerly (CKE -Participate)

Members: Warren Forsythe, Dan Gjurgevich

POS/IT Committee

Chair: Jay Hafemeister, Darla Morse (CKE)

Members: Jennifer Dowling, Dana McClure, Mike Borchard, Eric Rodriguez, Robert Bearden

Delivery Committee

Chair: Bryce Olson, Adam Gagliardo (CKE) & Darla Morse (CKE)

Members: Newton Hoang, Laura Vandevier

Conference/Golf/Charity Committee

Chair: Jennifer Dowling, Paul Whitebread (CKE)

Members: Pam Hundal, Beve Mills, Calina Borja

Purchasing/Spend Smart Committee

Chair: Dan Gjurgevich, John Dunion (CKE)

Members: John Nelson, Mike Borchard, Daljit Hundal

Associate Members

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