• 2022 SFA Conference

    October 16-20, 2022 | The Greenbrier, West Virginia

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  • 2021 SFA Conference

    October 16-20, 2022 | The Greenbrier, West Virginia

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Franchisee Attendee Policy

Signed franchisees with a 10% ownership or more may attend at no cost and bring one guest. If spouses are attending and they are both franchisees, they count as each other’s guests.

Please note that everyone, including franchise owners, additional attendees, guests and children need to be registered in order to be able to attend and badges will be required at each event.

If you’d like to bring an additional attendee, we have always allowed it for the actual cost per person for meals, vendor show and activity. The cost to bring an all – inclusive additional attendee is $1,700. This includes all meals, activity and gift item. Our goal is to cover our costs, not make money on additional attendees.

​For those not involved in the business and attending only select dinners/activities, you can register them using the personal guest form. We have various packages available, and the cost we are charging is the actual cost for food from the hotel:

All Inclusive $1,700

Meals Only $1,300

Vendor Show Only $125

Sunday Dinner $250

Monday Dinner $250

Tuesday Dinner $250

Wednesday Dinner $250

​For our larger franchisees, the following number of additional attendees are also included free of charge for key operators/employees, from the companies who own 25 or more stores.

  • 25-49 stores- 1 additional at no charge
  • 50-74 stores- 2 additional at no charge
  • 75-99 stores- 3 additional at no charge
  • 100 and more- 4 additional at no charge

​The above comped additional attendees should be given to people who work within the business and are not meant for personal use.

Children are welcome, but as in the past, they are not allowed at all events. At this year’s Conference, children are only allowed at breakfasts, Opening Reception on Sunday, Dinner on Monday and Tuesday.

The fee for children 5-11 is $500/child, the fee for children 12-17 is $1,025/child, this is the actual foods cost charged by the hotel. Children 0-4 are complimentary for those specific events where children are allowed.

Use personal guest form to register children, as everyone is required to wear a name badge while attending any conference events.

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